Welcome to Peach Orchard Campground, the following rules and regulations are meant to ensure a safe, peaceful and content vacation for your family and your camping neighbour. If you or any member of your family/group cannot comply with these rules eviction may ensue. If you or any member of your family/group cause property damage, a minimum of $100 or more will be charged to the credit card on file. Any problems or concerns with the management or the behavior of your camping neighbour please approach us immediately at the office.

  1. Register immediately before entering campground.
  2. Check-in between 2pm and 8pm.
  3. Check-out no later than 11 am. If guest wants to stay another night please check with office by 10 am for approval and payment. Late check-outs without approval and payments will result in a additional  fees and towing fees if necessary.
  4. Do not occupy another site. Even if the site is empty, you may not use another site for parking your vehicle or any other reason
  5. Do not put rugs over grassy areas.Keep your site clean and free of garbage as there are racoons in the park.
  6. Garbage is to be bagged and placed inside large green bins outside washroom(s) only. Household garbage only to be placed in bins, anyone caught disposing of inappropriate refuse may be charged for the removal of items.
  7. Recycle in appropriate areas located next to garbage bins. Please rinse containers if necessary.
  8. Quiet Time is enforced from 11pm to 8 am. No parties or visitors between these hours. No loud music or public drunkenness/disorderly behavior at anytime on the campground property. Any violation may result in immediate eviction and if necessary contact with the RCMP.
  9. Children must be supervised at all times in the campground and injuries or property damage caused from lack of supervision is not the responsibility of the campground. All minor children (under 16) must be at their own site by 11 pm.
  10. Pets must be on leash; never left unattended and cleaned up after in and outside of the campground. Violation may result in eviction. Two maximum.
  11. Keep valuables and coolers inside your camping unit or vehicles; management is not responsible for theft or damage.
  12. Bathrooms are to be respected just as your own in your home. Washrooms are provided for personal hygiene tasks only. Dish washing, clothes washing and hair dyeing,toasters, rice cookers and other appliances are examples of unacceptable behavior. Cell phones, laptops,and all other elctronic equipment are not permitted in the bathroom. Only small personal hygiene appliances are to be plugged into bathroom outlets any other equipment being used in outlets will be confiscated until electric charge is paid.
  13. Visitors must register at office before entering campground. Visitors vehicles must be left in parking area outside campground. Visitors cannot stay overnight unless registered as a guest.
  14. Gates close from 11pm. To 7am. Gates will only be opened for medical emergencies.
  15. Speeding Please drive as fast as you would walk. Violators will be asked to park in the overflow parking lotand walk in the campground.
  16. Generators are not allowed to be used in the park